About Film Yellow

This is a blog of film reviews. I know there are already loads of film review blogs out there but here's another one.

I've been doing this online since 2009 and back in the 1980s and 1990s in the form of typed diaries.

It's called Film Yellow for a number of reasons. First off, look at it. It's yellow. I like yellow. Second, I have a penchant for giallo movies: weirdly titled European sex-and-murder thrillers from the seventies. (Giallo novels traditionally had yellow covers, "giallo" is Italian for "yellow".) I'm not obsessed with them, but there's an agreeably wonky charm about the genre and at their best they're quite remarkable.

The tags are entirely arbitrary. Frightfest simply means it was shown at the FrightFest horror festival in the glittering heart of London's West End (except for 2016 when it was in the glittering heart of London's Shepherd's Bush), or the glittering heart of Scotland's Glasgow, whether I saw it there or not. DVD, Online and Cinema simply refer to how I saw the film; BluRays count as DVDs because I'm not going back to change all the tags at this point. The Zzz tag is for my own use, referring to reviews which were originally written for the FrightFest website (so they don't appear on here until much later).

I don't include pictures on here because [a] copyright, [b] hassle, [c] my blog, my rulez. Even so, I suppose I could, but then I'd have to think up witty captions and one shouldn't play to one's weaknesses.

This has been deliberately pitched somewhere in the PG/12A vein: I try to use very little swearing, none of the so-called "strong language" and skirt round the more horrible aspects wherever possible. Most if not all reviews come with a spoiler warning but even then I try not to give everything away. I also spell check but some typos will drip through: sorry about that.

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