Sunday, 29 May 2011



Yup, also contains enormous dullness. Difficult to know how a movie can be so cataclysmically tedious at under 70 minutes, but it is. It's also intriguing to ponder how anyone thought it worth releasing onto the national cinema circuits, but it genuinely played my local Granada's Screen Two the week of December 14, 1980, as the bottom half of a double bill with the Mary Millington film Playbirds. Merry Christmas. Presumably they reasoned that the likely audience were all Sun readers wearing shabby raincoats and thus uninterested in the psychological subtleties of the characters or the mise-en-scene of Spanish cinema, so long as there was plenty of norkage and thrusting bums.

Well, if boobs and pubes are your thing, then Violation Of The Bitch is undeniably for you on the skin front. A young, illiterate gypsy girl is left in the charge of an older female artist in a cottage in the middle of nowhere; the gypsy girl is haunted by nightmares of a man on a horse, and then goes mad when she sees a naked bloke on a horse. Some kind of menage-a-trois unfolds: they all get drunk, there's rape and bondage (although the BBFC have reduced this) and it doesn't end well, although it does end quickly.

It's directed by Jose Larraz, who also did the British horror Vampyres (another dull threesome movie full of nudity). There is a substantially longer version available under the title The Coming Of Sin but I've absolutely no desire to check it out and inflict another twenty minutes or so on myself. The short version they sent me is just tiresome and pointless, however much casual nudity and humping there might be. Absolutely not worth seeing.


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