Friday, 18 September 2009



A totally bonkers Spanish exploitation epic full of sex, violence, gore, blood and nudity - and breaking the fourth wall, fantasy sequences - Sexy Killer (subtitled You'll Die For Her) was a freebie screening for those who queued for Frightfest tickets back in July. I missed it for a variety of reasons - one of which was tiredness as I'd been in the queue overnight.

But it's now got a DVD release and I now rather wish I'd seen it at the Empire 2 instead of the flat. Because while it is all over the place, it's nonetheless pretty entertaining fun. There's a mad killer on the campus and everyone is completely unaware that it's sexy Barbara (Macarena Gomez, a great name in itself) for no reason other than.... well, no reason at all. It's just the way she is and a whole lot of people end up dead as a result. It starts off in the girls' shower room with a perv in a Scream costume wanting to see some naked girls, suddenly being attacked by someone else in a Scream costume (after a brief bit of the Marx Brothers mirror routine). This kind of grab-bag anything-goes style proceeds less in the way of a horror slasher pic than a ghoulish black comedy, until almost an hour in, when it suddenly crunches gears and turns into a traditional zombie film.

It's completely mad, obeys no rules, and doesn't make sense, and in all honesty the film's idea of sexy and mine are completely different, but it doesn't matter that much: Sexy Killer is enjoyably nonsensical entertainment, and fair fun for the evening. I don't think I necessarily want to buy the DVD and watch it again, but I quite liked it.


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